Grooved & Drilled Discs.....How they work.

When brakes get hot the pads give off a gas, this gas then gets stuck between the pad and disc and will push the pad off of the disc stopping your brakes working. This effect is called brake fade. Fitting grooved or drilled discs dispels the gases and stops this happening. There are also further advantages of fitting performance discs: A cross drilled disc will stay cooler because the air will flow through the holes in the disc, this in turn will keep the pads cooler and they won't give off as much gas. A grooved disc will de-glaze the pads if the pads are overheated. If you combine grooving and drilling on the same disc you will get the best of both worlds - Maximum gas dispersion, maximum cooling and pad deglazing.

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Model Price of Front Discs (Pair)
T5 (all models) Grooved & Drilled Sport Discs £250

To Order

You can purchase these Items by phone to pay via credit card by contacting us directly at:

 [email protected] or
Tel: 01656 656428

Model Price of Rear Discs (Pair)
T5 (all models) Grooved & Drilled Sport Discs £210
T32 Grooved & Drilled Sport Discs £poa

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